Symposia at Europhysiology 2020 were selected on the basis of submissions by the commitees, which were equally composed of the four host societies.

Selected Symposia

  • The Athleteʼs Heart
  • Cardiac sodium channel: From function to dysfunction
  • Embedding authentic learning experiences in the physiology curriculum
  • Extracellular vesicles–regulators of health and disease
  • From basic renal function to systemic disease
  • From human to superhuman:The impact of the microbiota on physiology
  • Inhibitory mechanisms in cortical information flow and neuronal representation
  • Ion channels in epithelia
  • Mitochondrial network dynamics-how structure alters function
  • Molecular signalling in skeletal muscle in aging and disuse
  • Na, K-ATPase signal transduction in control of homeostasis: regulation of cardiovascular and kidney functions
  • Novel roles of the extracellular microenvironment in salt and water metabolism
  • Organellar pH regulation in health and disease
  • Oxidation in health and disease
  • Oxygen sensing in health and disease
  • The physiology of H2S
  • Single cell RNA sequencing: The next big thing
  • Welcome to the zoo: Properties of sensory neurons from various species help to understand human neuropathies